Three Sure-Fire Signs That Your Air Conditioning System is Not Running as Efficiently as it Should

Three Sure-Fire Signs That Your Air Conditioning System is Not Running as Efficiently as it ShouldIf your air conditioning system stops running completely, you are going to notice, but it slowly becomes less efficient, you might not notice for months. This is why we recommend investing in air conditioning checks and maintenance. You can also keep an eye out for these three signs that your unit is no longer running as efficiently as it once did. You can then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 if you believe you need air conditioning repair.

  1. Your Electric Bills Have Gone Up
    In the summer, you can count on your cooling system to make up around 60-70% of your total electricity use. If you have lived in your home for more than one year, then you should have a comparison on your bill that shows how much electricity you used last year at the same time. If you find that you are using a lot more energy than you used to, then it could be that your air conditioning system is not as efficient as it should be.
  2. Your Air Conditioner is Short Cycling
    This refers to an AC unit that turns off but then immediately turns on a few seconds later. This generally means that there is an issue with efficiency. It might be that the unit is old or it could be that it is not the right size for your home. Simpler explanations include damaged ducts, leaks in the refrigerant, blocked ducts, issues with the compressor, and thermostat issues. We will not know the true cause until we come out and take a look, but short cycling is always a sign that something is wrong.
  3. Part of Your Home is Not Longer the Right Temperature
    If you notice that there is one room or part of your home that is too hot (or too cold) even though the air conditioning is running, it could be that you have an efficiency issue. If this comes along with a boost in the humidity in your home, an increase in dust levels, a musty odor, or mold growth, then you almost certainly have an issue with your air conditioning.

If you have the right-sized unit that is running correctly, it should take care of the temperature and humidity and should help keep the air quality good. If there is a change in any of these elements then it is likely time to call your local HVAC expert.

If you are ready to do so, we recommend you call Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653. We are happy to come out, take a look, and let you know what your options are to improve your energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

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