Stay Cool and Save Money Under the California Sun

Stay Cool and Save Money Under the California Sun

Stay Cool and Save MoneyLiving in California means palm trees, sunny skies, sparkling ocean waters, and many days of what can seem like endless heat. While air conditioning systems can provide needed relief from the heat and humidity, if they are not working properly you can be wasting money and energy. Here are some easy ways to make sure your cooling system is working properly alongside other components in your home or business.

Regularly Check and Replace Your Air Filters

One of the key components of any air conditioning unit is the air filter. When these become clogged and just too full, your cooling system has to work harder to pump air through them. This equates to more energy expended and higher power bills in your mailbox. Knowing when to check your air filters depends on many factors:

  • The number of occupants in your home or business.
  • The number and type of pets in your home.
  • Amounts and types of pollution near your home or business.
  • The type of air filter.
  • The air quality in your home.

It is also helpful check the maintenance plan listed on your air conditioning filters to know when to replace them. You can also hire a professional HVAC technician to check and replace your filters.

Install Cooling Curtains

Another way to keep your air conditioning system from working in overdrive is to install cooling curtains in your home or business. While black out curtains can be used, many window companies now sell specially made curtains to keep the heat out but the light coming in. It is important to keep your curtains closed during the hottest time of the day between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Once the sun begins to set and the outside air becomes cool, you can open your curtains and windows and enjoy the fresh air all night long and into the early morning.

Remember to Dehumidify

Another important aspect of an air conditioning system is the dehumidifier. Removing extra moisture from the air helps to keep you cool, but when your system’s dehumidifier is not working properly, you may feel hot and sticky even with the cool air. An easy solution is to purchase a separate dehumidifier that you can use alongside a regular fan to stay cool and fresh even when the air conditioner is not running.

Contact the Professionals for More Tips

If you have more questions about your air conditioning unit, ways to save money, or are interested in the installation of a new system, please contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing Air, Heating, and Plumbing at (661) 947-2653. You can also fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your cooling system or find you a brand new one.

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