Now is the Time for Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Now is the Time for Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Now is the Time for Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance ServicesWinter is in full swing and it is the perfect time to invest in furnace cleaning and maintenance services. Regular maintenance and cleaning not only helps your system run more efficiently and effectively, it can prolong the lifespan of your furnace. Read on to learn more about the services we offer and then reach out to Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 for a quote.

What to expect in a furnace tune-up

You should have your furnace looked at by an experienced HVAC system at least once a year to ensure that it’s running in great shape and can handle all the complicated heating needs you have throughout the winter. The tune-up will include us looking at how your system is running and considering ways we could improve its performance. We will also assess your system to advise you on how long the unit is likely to run efficiently until you need a new furnace.

The process begins with a deep cleaning and inspection

First, we will fully inspect your furnace. At this point, we are looking for any warning sign that there is a problem with your HVAC system. This includes cleaning off the burners and compartments that house all the components of your furnace. We also clean off the blower motor and condensate drains. The reason for this is twofold: Cleaning your system allows us to get a closer look at potential issues and it helps your unit work efficiently.

While we are completing our inspection, we will note any issues of concern. We can then go over these issues with you and offer options for repair. No one wants to learn about problems with their furnace but the reality is that the sooner you find it, the more affordable repairs are likely to be. You will also reduce your chances of a total breakdown on a day when you really need your furnace to be working.

We will test your system

Once we have looked at the system, we will test it to ensure it is producing the right amount of hot air. This may involve turning the furnace on and off, checking to ensure the combustion is appropriate for the needed airflow, and ensuring that the temperature that shows on the thermostat rises appropriately as the heating system continue to run. During this phase, we may add lubricants if any moving parts need it.

Checking the fuel lines is an essential part of the process

It is important to have the fuel lines checked regularly. If we find a blockage then we can repair it before it prevents your system from not working correctly. If it is left unnoticed and untreated, a blocked fuel line can result in an increased fire risk.

Are you ready to have your furnace cleaned, inspected, and maintained? Then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 now to learn more about your options.

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