Is Your Home Under-Insulated? These 5 Symptoms Point to Yes

Is Your Home Under-Insulated? These 5 Symptoms Point to Yes

Is Your Home Under-Insulated? These 5 Symptoms Point to YesMany people are shocked to learn that about 42% of a homeowner’s total utility bill is spent on heating and cooling costs. In truth, that is a good number – many people have a much higher percentage of their bill going to heating and cooling costs simply because their home is poorly insulated.

If you believe you may be one of these homeowners, keep reading to find out some of the most commons symptoms of under-insulation in your home. Then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbingt to learn how we can insulate your home for good.

  1. The Temperature in Your Home Fluctuates
    One of the most common signs that your insulation is not adequate is that the temperature throughout your home is not consistent. If you find that some rooms are warmer than others, then it is very likely that you lack insulation in your home.
  2. Your Energy Bills Are Suspiciously High
    Take a look at your energy bills from the past few years. Are they higher than they should be? Can you see a gradual or sudden increase in cost? If you have blown-in insulation, it may have settled, which makes it less effective. If your energy bill keeps going up despite the same energy prices, then it is likely insulation is part of the issue.
  3. Your Walls, Floors, and / or Ceilings Are Cold
    The touch test is an effective way to see if your home is insulated well enough. When you touch your ceiling, walls, and floors, they should be warm and dry. If you have drywall and paneling that feels damp and / or cold, then it is not insulated enough. On the other hand, if you are touching an exterior wall then it should be cold – it is keeping warm air inside your home.
  4. You Feel Drafts During Winter Months
    If you can feel drafts in part of your home during winter months, then it may be caused by cold air getting in around your window frames and doorways. If you invest in additional insulation in these areas, you will not have to deal with these chilly drafts anymore. Not only will this help reduce those drafts and make you more comfortable in your home, but it can also help you save on energy bills.
  5. There are Critters in Your Home
    If you have mice or insects in your home, then it is important to realize that they got in somehow. They can get in via any crevice or hole. Know that anywhere they can get in is also a place you are losing cold air in the summer and warm air when running your heating system in the winter. Insulation can help this heating an cooling loss and can help prevent rodents and insects from getting in.

Do you need help with insulation for your home? Contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 and let us help you today!

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