Will Shading Your Air Conditioner Save You Money?

Will Shading Your Air Conditioner Save You Money?

The outdoor AC unit throws hot air outside and enables cool airflow inside. The outdoor unit AC is made up of metal. The metal absorbs heat fast and can overheat easily. As the outdoor unit is exposed to the different weather conditions, plantation, rodents, birds, and summer heatwave, the possibility of wear and tear in the outdoor AC unit is higher than in the indoor unit. Thus, AC’s outdoor unit needs prevention from many things. 

We can protect your condenser and another component of the outdoor unit from debris, dirt, rodents, etc., by cleaning it regularly. We also avail annual AC maintenance in Antelope Valley for the same purpose. 

What things can we do to protect our outdoor AC unit from excessive heat and the hot touch of sun rays? Shading the air conditioner unit can help us in this task. An overheated AC consumes more energy than usual. The shading of the outdoor unit can help you save money if you provide the shading correctly.

Shade But Don't Obstruct

Shading the AC is not as easy as it seems. One should never prefer building a concrete shading or a kind of shelter above an outdoor AC unit. It restricts the exit of hot air. Ensure that the shading is not obstructing the airflow. Obstructed airflow will reduce the efficiency of the AC instead of improving it. 

What Kind of Air Conditioner Shading Can Save Money?

If your house already has tall deciduous trees installed in the outdoor unit, you already have natural shading for your air conditioner. It will be better if the direction of the tree is north. When the direction of the planted tree is north, make sure that the AC compressor is in any other direction except the north. 

If there are no tall trees near the AC unit, you can plant shrubs, bushes, medium-sized trees, vines, etc. But this will be helpful only if the outdoor unit is not installed at a high location. While planting bushes, shrubs, etc., ensure enough space for the air to pass through. 

You can choose the concrete shelter method when your AC unit expels air from the side, not the top. Trees, shrubs, vines, etc., will protect the AC unit from scorching sun rays and make the surrounding cooler. When the outside location is a bit cooler than usual, your AC will gradually consume less energy for cooling. In this way, shading the air conditioner can save you money on energy bills. 

Things To Do After Plantation:

  • Do not skip regular cleaning, even for a month. 
  • Trim the plantation from time to time.
  • Be careful about the space and gaps between the plantation and the outdoor AC unit.

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