Why is Your Heat Not Blowing Heat?

Why is Your Heat Not Blowing Heat?

Heaters, when properly maintained, work flawlessly during the cold season.Your furnace may not be producing enough hot air. Or perhaps your heater isn’t blowing hot air. In these cases, your heater is in urgent need of professional attention. For this, we recommend contacting our professionals for heater repair in Lancaster and the surrounding areas.

Reasons Why The Heater Doesn't Blow Warm Air

As a homeowner, you must understand why your heater lacks hot air flow to identify the problem and schedule an appointment with HVAC experts quickly. There are several main factors for the heater’s inability to generate hot air:

  • Faulty Heater Coil

A malfunctioning heater coil is the most common cause of a room heater not blowing hot air.

  • Thermostat Temperature

The thermostat may be to blame for the lack of hot air from the room heater. It needs to be set up at the right temperature or broken.

  • Filter Issues

Your issues with frigid air could result from yet another human error. A blocked, dirty, or old filter may restrict the airflow of your heater. As a result, the amount of warm air your furnace can generate and circulate throughout your home may be limited.

  • Burner Issues

Another component prone to problems caused by dirt and grime is the furnace’s burner. If the passage is shut, no fuel can pass through. Cold air may enter through your ducts if your fan is still running.

  • DIY Heater Maintenance Methods

Various issues might cause an unpleasant blast of icy air when you expect your heating system to give warmth. Before calling our expert for heating repair services in Antelope Valley, try these DIY troubleshooting techniques:

  • Replace The Filter

It is simple to replace a worn-out or clogged filter. Make sure the main switch is turned off before you begin. Every furnace has a standard wall switch on or near it.

  • Check The Thermostat Batteries

If you discover that your thermostat batteries are the source of the problem, you will need to replace them. Remember that if you don’t program your thermostat with your chosen settings, it will not revert to them.

  • Replace The Blown Resistor

Open the casing and begin testing the circuit with a voltage regulator to see whether the blowing resistor is the source of the problem. You should know that voltage changes will occur in circuits with resistors dividing them.

  • Change The Heating Coil

You can remove the heating coil by soldering the connections together if the heating coil is broken. Then you can replace them with equivalent components that meet voltage requirements.


You should hire our specialist for heater repair in Lancaster before adopting the chosen course of action. They will assist you in determining the optimum size and type of heater for your home.

Call Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing if you face any problems, and get your heating repair services in Antelope Valley. Stop by our Lancaster office today to schedule heater maintenance. Contact us at 661-947-2653 or email us to schedule an appointment immediately.

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