Why Get Professional Drain Cleaning

Why Get Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning delivers many important benefits over DIY attempts.

Drain cleaning is a very frequently attempted DIY home maintenance task, but it probably shouldn’t be. Here’s why:

  • Drain CleaningThe pros never use chemical drain cleaners: One of the most common mistakes individuals make when trying to clear their own clogs is using chemical drain cleaners. While often effective, chemical drain cleaners also have the potential to be dangerous if used improperly. They can emit harmful fumes when used in enclosed spaces and may also damage or irritate skin upon contact. The biggest issue is that if the chemical drain cleaner doesn’t work, you’ll be left with a pipe, sink, or tub full of the stuff.
  • The pros never damage your fixtures: A plumbing snake is an important tool in a professional drain cleaner’s arsenal. This flexible tool can be pushed down around corners in a pipe to dislodge clogs. Because this tool can be bought at any home improvement store, many homeowners attempt to use it themselves. Unfortunately, if they are not careful they could end up scratching the finish in a sink, toilet, or tub. This would not happen when the plumbing snake is wielded by a professional.
  • The pros offer preventative drain cleaning: While most homeowners don’t think about drain cleaning until they have a problem, the pros offer preventative drain cleaning as a maintenance service. This service can help keep all of your drains in the best possible condition to prevent sudden plumbing emergencies from occurring.
  • The pros can help with whole-home drainage issues: Another benefit of calling the pros is that they can tell you whether or not the problem is located in the fixture or in your main drain line, and then address the problem accordingly. A professional plumber can also help address problems other than clogs that may affect drainage, such as improper grading or ventilation.
  • The pros get the job done right the first time: Often, people attempt their own drain cleaning because they think it will be cheaper and faster than calling a plumber. However, they fail to consider what may happen if their efforts are not successful. They may end up having to call the plumber anyway. Why waste your time and energy (and money in the case of a chemical drain cleaner) when you can get the problem resolved quickly and affordably by calling the pros? At Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, we are on call 24/7 to solve all your drainage problems.

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