Why Does My Air Conditioner Trip The Circuit Breaker?

Why Does My Air Conditioner Trip The Circuit Breaker?

When circuit breakers detect too much electricity, they typically cut off power to avert safety hazards. In some cases, it might be caused due to external factors like power or voltage fluctuation in your locality. But then the potential cause of your AC unit tripping the circuit breaker might be the AC itself.

The first step would be to turn off the AC for 30 minutes, wait for the system to cool down and then turn it back on if it turns on, well and good. If it does not, seek professional help schedule service at Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, an expert in ac maintenance in Antelope Valley.

  1. Clogged air filter

    A blocked filter is one of the most common causes of an AC system tripping the circuit breaker. When an air conditioner’s filter becomes clogged, the machine has to put more effort into pumping out cool air. So, the AC unit will use more energy.

    Higher power consumption will sometimes result in an electrical current in the circuit breaker’s wiring, and the system will shut down to avoid fire or electrocution dangers. Change or clean your AC filter regularly.

  2. Damaged electrical wiring
    Damaged electrical wiring in your air conditioner or wiring to your home’s breaker or fuse box are two more common causes. A loose or worn wire can cause an electric short.

  3. Low refrigerant

    If your air conditioner tries to run without enough refrigerant, it may have to work extra hard to keep your space cool. The refrigerant in your system’s primary function is to absorb heat from the air and cool it as it passes through the evaporator coils and compressor.

    When you don’t have enough refrigerant to keep your air conditioner running correctly, the increased strain on the system may cause it to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.

  4. Soiled condenser coils

    The condenser coils on the outer unit of your AC unit are in charge of eliminating heat absorbed through the interior unit. These coils might grow unclean over time because of their exposure to the outdoors.

    If the condenser coil becomes clogged, the outside unit will be unable to discharge the stored heat outside your home or building. As a result, your system will have to work harder to cool your space, which may result in too much electricity, causing your circuit breaker to trip.

    Turning on your AC after a confirmed trip is not advised; toggling of the switch will lead to compressor failure.Maintaining your air conditioner properly, involving scheduling an annual tune-up with a cooling professional, is the best thing you can do. The expert will thoroughly inspect all working components inside the unit during a maintenance tune-up to ensure that everything is clean and performing as efficiently as possible. Potential faults that could lead to tripped breakers, blown fuses, or a breakdown can also be detected early and addressed.

Thinking of an ac installation in Lancaster? Give us a ring at (661) 947-2653.Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing services are available in Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, CA, and surrounding areas.

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