What’s That Sound? What to Do About Strange Noises Coming from Your AC

What’s That Sound? What to Do About Strange Noises Coming from Your AC

What’s That Sound? What to Do About Strange Noises Coming from Your ACHave you noticed that your air conditioning system has suddenly started making strange noises? Whether they are frequent or intermittent, it’s common for a homeowner to want to ignore the sounds in the hopes that they will simply go away. This is where you must trust us: This will not work.

The cause of the sounds may be serious or they may be minor but they will always be easier to fix the sooner you call us.

Read on to learn about some of the most common noises and what they may be trying to tell you. Then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 for help. We are here 24 hours a day and can get to you quickly. Don’t let tiny trouble turn into huge issues – get it looked at right away.

Potential causes for grinding and clanging

In most cases, if your air conditioner is grinding or clanging then there is something going on with the motors in your system’s fans. They may be going out altogether, or there may be an issue with the ball bearings in your fan. Regardless, either of these issues requires you to talk to a professional air conditioning service person to have it looked at and repaired.

Reasons your AC may be squealing and/or screeching

These are particularly scary because they can come out of the ductwork in your home, which can be quite alarming. If you hear these sounds coming from inside your air conditioning unit then it is most likely that your belt is bad or your fan is out of balance. If the noise is coming from your exterior AC unit then it is also likely a fan problem.

What a whistling and hissing air conditioner may be trying to tell you

If you have a leak in your ductwork then the sound you hear may be a whistling or hissing. It is common for homeowners to consider fixing this issue on tier own with caulk, but this isn’t actually a very good long-term fix. Not only could the problem come back quickly, but it is also possible that the leak is a refrigerant leak. If that is the case then you need immediate air conditioning repair.

Rattling and buzzing can be caused by a number of factors

If the sound in question is rattling or buzzing, then there are actually many potential causes. It could be loose parts, an air filter that is badly in need of being changed, or an evaporator coil that is broken. Due to how many potential things could cause buzzing or rattling, it is virtually impossible to deal with this and troubleshoot it on your own.

If your AC makes any noise you can count on it not being good news. That said, there is good news: Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing is here to help. Give us a call at (661) 947-2653 and we will schedule an appointment right away.

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