What You Need to Know About Expert Furnace Troubleshooting?

What You Need to Know About Expert Furnace Troubleshooting?

If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace, you’re not alone. Many people in the Antelope Valley area have had to seek out furnace repair services. To help you troubleshoot the problem with your furnace, here are some tips from HVAC experts:

Five Expert Furnace Troubleshooting Tips That You Must Know

Check That Your Furnace is on

  • You should check your fuse box for any tripped or faulty circuit breakers. This could signify a more significant problem requiring heater repair in Antelope Valley.
  • Next, make sure that the furnace power switch is switched on. The power switch is usually located on the furnace’s side.
  • You may also find a metal housing with a fuse that can be lifted from the ceiling. The fuse should be replaced if it is blackened or burned.

Ensure You Have The Correct Thermostat settings

  • Next, check the thermostat settings to determine why your furnace isn’t turning on. Although it may seem absurd to suggest this, if your furnace isn’t turning on, you should ensure that the thermostat is set to “ON.”
  • Most thermostats run on batteries, so you will need to change them. You should change your batteries at least once yearly or as often as you need.
  • Some thermostats can be reset to their original settings if your furnace or home is without power. Your thermostat needs to be programmed to the correct temperature and time.

Check The Furnace Gas Valve

  • Double-check that your gas-powered furnace’s gas supply valve is open if you are experiencing a problem.
  • The valve should be at least six feet from the furnace. It will usually be closed.
  • To ensure it isn’t a problem with your furnace, you can also inspect any gas-powered appliances in the home.

Make Sure You Check The Furnace Ignition Switch

  • You’ll need to inspect your ignitor to see if all the steps have been completed. Locate the furnace flame sensor.
  • The ignitor sensor will stop working correctly if it gets dirty. You will need to clean it.
  • If you cannot find the problem, you must schedule a furnace repair appointment in Antelope Valley with our HVAC specialists.

Check The Furnace Filter

  • You should take the time to inspect your furnace filters. See your manual for information about the location of your furnace’s filters, how to access them, and what parts you can replace.
  • Furnace filters should be cleaned and changed regularly. Furnaces heat air by sucking it through a filter.
  • You may experience problems with extra lint or particles from cloth fibers sticking to your furnace filters if it is located in your laundry area. This signifies that your furnace filters need to be checked more often.

Sometimes diagnosing HVAC problems can be easy, but it’s better to call in our professionals if the problem is more prominent. It is challenging to fix various issues with heat pumps, AC units, furnaces, and AC units. You could end up damaging your warranty.

Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing has many years of experience diagnosing, fixing, providing heater repair, and maintaining HVAC systems in Antelope Valley. Our experts are ready to assist you with all your cooling and heating needs. Get in touch with us today! Call us at 661-947-2653 or email us.

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