What To Check If AC Is Not Cooling?

What To Check If AC Is Not Cooling?

An efficiently cooling AC is a necessity for summer. It is unimaginable to survive these hot days without an AC, dripping with sweat, and going through sleepless nights. It is nothing to fear; you can easily call professionals for help and troubleshoot the issue. Read more on what to check if the AC is not cooling.

1. Parts to Check If Your AC is Not Blowing Cool Air

There can be various reasons why your AC unit is not cooling. It could be a small change in the thermostat settings or a big issue in the compressor unit. Read the given points carefully and know when to call professionals for help.

  • Air Filters

Remove and inspect the air filters of your AC unit. Clean the dirty and clogged filters to get cool air.

  • Thermostat Settings

Check your thermostat for its cooling settings. Change to on or fan, and wait for a few minutes to see results.

  • Condenser Unit

If the condenser coil is clogged or dirty, it can reduce the cooling efficiency of your AC unit and cause the system to shut down.

  • Heat Pump

If your heat pump is damaged, it will cause issues with the compressor, condenser, and AC unit malfunction.

  • Refrigerant Pipe

Refrigerant is responsible for the cooling of your home. So, if there is a leak or damage in the refrigerant pipe, it could lead to compressor failure and shutdown.

2. Major Water Issues to Check When Your AC is Not Cooling

A water leak can be a big issue with your AC unit and cause it to stop cooling due to internal damage. The water coming out of the condenser may get stuck in between and damage the electrical boards on the inside. If this is happening to you, read the given points.

  • Check The Water Meter:

Identify possible water leaks by checking your water bills. It will give you an overall idea that the water meter is working faster than normal and how the leak in your drainage system is wasting much extra water. Notice the movement of the water meter and decide to call for help.

  • Notice Signs For Water Leak:

Water leaking from the condenser of your AC unit is visible on the walls as damp spots or flowing water around the AC. Find the hidden leaks as moldy and smelly presence near the moist areas. Watch out for dripping and flowing water signs on the roof, underground drainage pipes, and house sinks. If you notice any leakage issue near your AC unit or inside the outdoor AC unit, call for leak detection repair, Antelope Valley, and get immediate assistance.

  • Watch Out For Water Pressure Changes:

If the water pressure frequently changes in the water meter of your plumbing system, you should take it as a sign of a water leak issue. This overall water pressure could create large gradients in the drainage system and affect your AC unit’s condenser unit, evaporator coil, and refrigerant pipelines.


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