Simple Tips That Can Help You Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Simple Tips That Can Help You Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Simple Tips That Can Help You Unclog Your Kitchen SinkIf your kitchen sink is clogged you can certainly call on Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing to help and we will get there as soon as possible. However, there are also relatively simple ways you can try to unclog it on your own. Call us now at (661) 947-2653 if you want to let the professionals handle it or try the below options and then call us if they do not work.

Pour Boiling Water Down the Sink

Before you start on this or the other steps, get rid of everything in and around your sink. This includes dishes and utensils, but it also includes trying to bail out as much standing water as you can. Fill a kettle or pot with water and start boiling it on your stove. When it is boiling, pour it into the drain. Be careful not to get the water on you or dump the water in too fast.

If the water does not immediately work to melt and dislodge the clog, let it sit until it has cooled. Then get the water out of the sink and repeat the process. It may take a few times but boiling water will often get rid of grease or other similar clogs.

Use a Cup Plunger to Clear the Clog

Don’t worry, a “cup plunger” is not a specialty product. In fact, it is the classic plunger you think of when you think of a plunger. The handle is likely wooden or plastic and there is a plastic cup at one end. Before you use this plunger, fill the sink with hot – but not boiling – water until the cup of the plunger is completely underwater. This helps get the suction you need to get rid of the clog.

Position the plunger over the drain hole until there is an airtight seal. If you have a double kitchen sink, put something into the other drain hole, such as a towel. Work the plunger up and down over the clogged drain at a constant pace. Do this for a minute or so and then release the seal. If the water drains right away then you have cleared the clog. If it does not, then you can try the process up to three more times.

Baking Soda and Vinegar May Work for Your Clog

This requires you to boil more water. Then dump that water down the drain, this time having added a cup of baking soda. Once it has sat in the sink for a few minutes, heat up another cup of hot water and dump it down the drain after adding a cup of vinegar. Then plug the drain, taking precautions not to burn yourself. When the vinegar and baking soda combine they react chemically to each other and can generate pressure, fizz, and acid. This can help break through the clog.

If none of the above tricks work then it is time to contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653. Remember that you can simply call us first as well – you do not have to try to fix the problem yourself.

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