Save Money with Expert Air Conditioner Installation

Save Money with Expert Air Conditioner Installation

Cheaping out on your AC installation could increase your energy bills by 30 percent.

Air ConditionersAccording to a recent study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, failing to install an HVAC system properly can severely compromise the efficiency of your equipment. In fact, you may spend up to 30 percent more on your energy bills.

Don’t risk it! Work with Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing to source your new air conditioner and we guarantee professional installation. As a licensed HVAC contractor with over 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to avoid these top 6 AC installation errors:

  • Improper Airflow: The most common issue that the NIST study found in improperly installed HVAC systems was insufficient airflow. There are many possible causes, from failing to install the correct size and configuration of ductwork with a totally new system to leaks or blockages in an older duct system. Either way the end result is insufficient cooled air reaching all the air registers. This causes the unit to run longer than it should need to and increases energy consumption.
  • Low Refrigerant: Low refrigerant levels are another problem that can have a big impact on energy efficiency. Without enough refrigerant, the new air conditioner will not be able to produce cool air as quickly, and on a very hot day ideal temperatures may never be reached.
  • Too Much Refrigerant: Charging a new system with too much coolant can also be a problem. There is a possibility that the coolant lines may freeze, and at the very least the overcharge will place excessive strain on the unit, contributing to poor performance and shortening the air conditioner’s service life.
  • Wrong Pressure: If the lines in a new air conditioning system are not pressurized to the correct settings, non-condensable gases may cause the lines to fail.
  • Wrong Voltage: Hooking up a new air conditioner to the wrong electrical circuit can also be a big problem. Insufficient voltage will impact the unit’s cooling ability, while too much power could cause an electrical short.
  • Wrong Size AC: One final installation-related error is having the wrong size of air conditioner for the space. An air conditioner that is too large will cycle too frequently, wasting energy, and unit that is too small will not deliver sufficient comfort.

In addition to helping you to avoid the consequences of these top 6 new air conditioner installation errors, we can also provide additional services to help ensure you get the best possible efficiency and comfort from your new air conditioner. For example, we can make sure your ducts are clean and tightly sealed, or check to make sure you have adequate insulation to keep all your cooled air inside where it belongs. Please call (661) 947-2653 now to learn more.

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