Is Your AC Overcharged?

Is Your AC Overcharged?

An overcharged AC is not a common problem for air conditioner owners. Still, once detected, owners should immediately contact a professional technician for air conditioning service in Antelope Valley to avoid other serious issues overcharging brings with itself. 

What Happens in Overcharging?

Your air conditioner cools your home through the cooling effects of coolant. The coolant absorbs indoor heat and turns into a gaseous form. To turn back into the liquid form, it needs to give out the heat through expanding. It needs low pressure and room to expand, but overcharging leaves no room for the gas to expand, so your system faces various problems.

However, a few signs can help you detect the overcharging issue:

Lesser Cooling

Since coolant absorbs heat and cools your home, the first sign of overcharging is lesser cooling in your home. There is no room for coolant to expand, so it will not absorb any heat from your home, leading to inefficient cooling and extra strain on your system.

Various air conditioners turn themselves off once they detect overcharging, so your system may stop working temporarily. However, if the system does not shut down itself, you may notice a sharp increase in your energy bills.

Noise From The Compressor

One of the works of a compressor in an air conditioner is to push gaseous coolant into a tiny nozzle where it turns back into liquid form. Since the coolant is already in liquid form and is too big for the tiny nozzle, the compressor has to work hard to push it through the nozzle.

An air conditioner owner may or may not understand the real reason behind this noise, so it is always better to contact a professional technician to know what is happening inside the system.

Higher Pressure Readings Than Usual

There is pressure inside your air conditioner due to the absence of space for coolant to expand, and the compressor will further increase the pressure by working hard to push it through the nozzle. These two factors team up to exponentially increase pressure readings for your air conditioner.

Moreover, increased pressure means increased temperature, which increases the pressure more. It acts as a never-ending cycle of pressure increase, leading to serious problems in your system.

Problems With Engine

A compressor has a drive belt that works while the air conditioner cools your home. A compressor needs a lot of energy to function when everything is normal, and it needs even more power to push the liquid coolant into the small nuzzle.

Excessive power drawing can strain the belt, loosening or breaking.

Broken Compressor

Suppose you continue ignoring the malfunctioning signs caused by overcharging. In that case, your air conditioner’s compressor will eventually break down, and you will have to contact air conditioning contractors in Antelope Valley to replace your broken air conditioner with a new one.

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