Is It Time for You to Invest in a New Air Conditioning System?

Is It Time for You to Invest in a New Air Conditioning System?

Is It Time for You to Invest in a New Air Conditioning System?We understand what a big investment it is to buy a new air conditioning system. That’s why we will work hard to ensure you have the information you need to choose the right model for your home. At Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, we’ll lead you towards options that are the right size to cool your property.

We’ll look for options that are efficient and we’ll provide exceptional installation. Read on to learn more and then reach out to us at (661) 947-2653.

You can trust us to help you find the right system for your property

We’ve learned over the years that it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to have an air conditioning system that’s all wrong for their needs and based on the square footage of their property. If you decide to replace your system, make sure you’re working with a company that will take your unique needs into consideration.

When you work with Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, you’re working with a business that understands the ins and outs of both the residential and commercial air conditioning industries. You want units that will deliver on what the manufacturer promises. We will help you find the right unit to do that and then ensure that it’s installed correctly.

We offer many American-made air condition systems

We are proud to be a preferred dealer for American Standard. As a result, we have numerous American-made air conditioning systems that have a host of features. Some examples include multi-stage cooling, ductless models, humidity control, AccuComfort that allows you to program your AC in innovative ways, super-efficient models, quiet units, SEER ratings of as high as 21.00 and highly reliable models.

Find out if it’s time to replace your air conditioning system

It’s common for a homeowner to wonder if it’s time to replace their system altogether or if they should have their air conditioner repaired. There are a few situations in which we recommend that you replace your unit. They include:

  • You have an air conditioner that’s more than a decade old
  • You’re paying more than you should to cool your home
  • Your air conditioning system needs repairs on a regular basis

When you replace your unit with higher-end American Standard models, you could save 60% on your energy bills, compared to what they’d be with a traditional AC unit.

Let us take a look at your ducts before we install a new unit

We want to make sure that you get your money’s worth with your new unit. That’s why we want to ensure that we’re not installing a new A/C unit to a duct system that’s leaking. We can offer duct cleaning, air balancing, duct sealing, and complete A/C installation to ensure your unit is leak-tight and ready to provide superior comfort.

Are you ready to learn more about your options? Reach out to Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653. We can help with a wide range of needs, from heating to cooling to plumbing and beyond.

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