Is Air Conditioner Maintenance a Good Investment?

Is Air Conditioner Maintenance a Good Investment?

Air conditioner maintenance is an inexpensive way to get the best out of your air conditioner.

Is Air Conditioner Maintenance a Good Investment?Unfortunately, many people are not even aware they should consider getting air conditioner maintenance. Others may decide not to get this service because they don’t want to incur the expense.

The truth of the matter is that air conditioner maintenance is an extremely affordable and cost-effective service, when performed annually by a qualified HVAC technician. At Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, we offer 1-year maintenance contracts starting at just $89. That’s less than $8 a month for all of the following benefits of air conditioner maintenance:

Lower Energy Bills

Every air conditioner maintenance visit involves a thorough cleaning of the condenser coils and filter, as well as a general tune-up. These quick improvements can help restore your air conditioner to peak energy efficiency and save you from the high cost of running a dirty air conditioner, which can be up to 50 percent more than running a clean unit.

More Comfort

The more dirt builds up in your air conditioner filter, the harder it is to push cooled air to every room in your property. In some cases, this restricted airflow can make it take up to 50 percent longer to reach the desired temperature in your home of business. Fortunately, air conditioner maintenance helps correct this problem so you can enjoy fast and even cooling.

Cleaner Air

Dirty air filters as well as clogged or mildewed condensate drains can cause the air coming out of your AC unit to have a bad odor. In the case of a mold problem in your drain lines you may also have issues with mold spores causing allergic reactions. Again, an annual maintenance cleaning helps prevent or correct this problem.

Fewer Breakdowns

Dealing with a malfunctioning or broken air conditioner in the height of summer can be inconvenient and frustrating. Rather than waiting for an emergency to occur and then scrambling to find a fix, you can get annual maintenance to help identify and correct potential problems before they have a chance to cause a breakdown.

Longer Service Life

Dirty or worn parts can put extra stress on your air conditioner and blower and potentially cause it to fail before it has achieved its expected service life. But if you care for your system with annual maintenance, you can promote a longer service life and get more value out of your initial investment in your air conditioner.

Warranty Protection

One final benefit of air conditioner maintenance is that in some cases, you are actually required to get this service by the terms of your warranty agreement. So getting annual maintenance service could save you a lot of money later on if you ever need a warranty covered repair.

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