How to Help Your Air Conditioner So It Can Help You

How to Help Your Air Conditioner So It Can Help You

Help your Air ConditionerFor anybody who has come to rely on their home air conditioning, they may be wondering how to keep their unit running well all season long. After all, nobody wants to face a breakdown just as a heat wave hits. There are a few simple steps any homeowner can take to help keep their AC unit in tip top shape.

Schedule Regular Service Calls

When it comes to AC care, it is a good idea to start with the basics. Units should be serviced regularly, ideally before the start of the summer season and then again about six months later. An air professional will perform a tune-up much like a mechanic would perform on a car. Scheduled maintenance should include such necessary tasks as:

  • Cleaning the coilsx
  • Checking the air flow
  • Inspecting each component of the air conditioner.

These checkups are the best way to prevent outages and maintain efficiency.

A Dirty Filter Is Nobody’s Best Friend

The dust particles in a dirty filter act as a barrier that prevent air from easily passing. This places a strain on the unit and prevents it from operating efficiently. This extra pressure can eventually lead to a breakdown. One of the simplest ways to help your AC is to change the air filter regularly every three months. This is an easy process that homeowners can usually do themselves. To start, check the size on the filter that is currently in place. There are a number of standard sizes, and filters can typically be purchased from any hardware store or large home improvement store. Once a replacement filter has been located, simply pop out the old filter and pop the new filter in.

Get Friendly With Your Air Professional

Regular AC maintenance is an important first step, but homeowners should follow through if they detect any additional problems. Things to watch for include:

  • Ineffective cooling
  • A compressor that never shuts off
  • Reduced air flow
  • Unusual noises coming from the AC fan

If these or other problems arise, do not wait until your next regular maintenance call. By contacting your air professional to schedule a repair inspection right away, it may be possible to avoid a total breakdown.

Professional Advice Is Key

Air professionals are trained to install, maintain, and repair air conditioners. For this reason, your repair person is in the best position to give advice on equipment upgrades and other maintenance issues. For example, performance may be poor because an AC unit is too old or not powerful enough to cool your home. After completing an inspection and evaluating your needs, an air professional will be able to offer guidance on how best to proceed. At Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing our experts are here to help you with any of your air conditioning needs. Feel free to call us any time at (661) 947-2653 for High Desert and for Antelope Valley.

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