How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils?

How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils?

During the warmer days of the year, you likely depend primarily on an air conditioning unit, whether it is cooling your space from a window ledge or cooling the entire house, without considering what makes it tick. The air conditioner capacitor coils are responsible for the magic. In this case, the condenser unit in your go-to temporary appliance absorbs the heat to cool the air. It wicks the heat out as air moves over the coolant, similar to how your forced air furnace works. 

However, your air conditioner evaporator coils can sometimes get dirty due to continuous use and overexertion. This excessive dirt and dust can sometimes reduce the efficiency of your cooling device, leading to an untimely breakdown demanding costly AC replacement in Lancaster. Therefore, it is better to call experts timely for routine air conditioner maintenance services to steer clear of such issues. 

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Coils?

Here are some steps to clean the coils inside your air conditioning device. 

Identify Your Air Conditioning Unit Coils

When washing window air conditioners, you will need to obtain the end that adheres out of the house to reach the winding central air conditioners. Once you identify the coils, you must keep the coils behind a detachable panel that you’ll need to disassemble the unit and proceed. If you’re unsure, consult your user manual, as the specs diagram will show you exactly where the coils are and how to remove the cover.

Examine The Dirty Evaporator Coil

Evaluate the coils for large debris such as leaves, spider webs, or dirt clods. Delete these by hand, then use a coil brush to sweep off the coils. This special cleanup tool (also known as a soil brush) is available at most big box home improvement stores and AC shops and has bristles that are about halfway between the stiffness of a hand broom and a scrubbing brush. To avoid bending the coils’ fins, gently guide the brush close to them and clean your coils.

Use a Fin Brush to Straighten Bent Fins

The next step involves straightening all the bent fins in your air conditioning units. Straightening bent fins are essential as bent fins reflect sunlight and often give winding parts a bright sheen. If this is the case, straightening the fins with a fin brush run gradually, and comparison to the line of the fins could help.

It increases the exposed surface area of the coils, which improves the performance of your AC unit. If you do not want to invest in specialized equipment like the fin brush, you can use any other sharp tool to straighten the fins. In addition, correcting bent fins goes over and above the job at hand and the coils, which will increase your machine’s efficiency.

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