How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced?

How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced?

Just like your car or bike, air conditioners require routine maintenance to ensure they function correctly. If your air conditioner is not regularly maintained, dust and dirt will accumulate in the fans, filters, coils, and other components and as a result, your air conditioner will not be able to cool the space adequately, and even after hours of operation, the room will remain warm-not to mention a rise in electricity bills, inoperable air conditioning, and costly repairs. It is therefore better to call for an air conditioning service in Antelope Valley to keep your AC running longer.

1. AC Service and Repair

You should perform annual maintenance on your home’s air conditioning system. It also applies to your heating system. However, it’s a good idea to perform periodic inspections and cleanings throughout the year to ensure your system operates efficiently.

Scheduling seasonal air conditioning maintenance and AC repair in Antelope Valley will maximize your time, money, and the safety and longevity of your air conditioning system.

2. Best Time For AC Service

Summer is a hectic season for AC maintenance. If you wait until the temperature rises, you may have to endure sweltering conditions while you wait for the HVAC professional to address any problems they discover. Before summer arrives, hire a local air conditioning expert or call for AC installation in Antelope valley.


Scheduling service during winter is also not advisable, as operating the unit in cold temperatures can damage it. When exposed to cooler exterior temperatures, the oil within your device thickens, and the ensuing lack of oil circulation can cause the system to malfunction.


If you experience a warm spell during the winter and are seeking respite, it would be preferable to open the windows and let the fresh air cool you down. Alternatively, you can plug in a fan near an open window to increase the effect of the breeze.

3. What Does AC Service Consist Of?

A specialist will lubricate the components of your air conditioner to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible. Additionally, they will clean components to ensure their functionality.

Additionally, you will measure electricity and airflow. If there is a problem, the AC technician will bring it to your attention. Every component of the air conditioner will be examined, from the blower to the condenser to the ductwork.

AC repair in Antelope Valley also includes inspecting your thermostat to ensure its accuracy and proper communication with your air conditioner. They will, if necessary, recalibrate or reprogram it.

In short, you can anticipate a comprehensive air conditioner examination requiring extensive maintenance. AC maintenance aims to ensure that the air conditioner operates as efficiently as possible.


A specialist should service the air conditioner at least once every year. Remember that when the system is properly maintained and cleaned, you will save money and prevent spending significantly more on a big repair.

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