How Do You Fix A Furnace That Is Not Heating?

How Do You Fix A Furnace That Is Not Heating?

A furnace enhances comfort and keeps you warm during the frigid winter months. Furnaces require routine domestic maintenance and professional tune-ups to run effectively and reliably.

However, furnaces are prone to malfunction and develop issues even when properly maintained. Before contacting a professional for furnace replacement in Lancaster, you should review the following troubleshooting tips if it is malfunctioning or will not turn on.

Ways To Fix a Furnace That is Not Heating

  • Clean The Filters of The System

The home’s furnace needs a constant flow of fresh air to keep the residence warm. If the filter is clogged, it will not be able to provide the heat pump with the air it needs to heat your home effectively. In turn, this will prevent your HVAC system from activating.

If your furnace’s air filter is blocked, the igniter will not be able to produce the appropriate air mixture to ignite the gas. Moreover, most HVAC systems include a safety element that stops the furnace from rotating if there is a fire risk.

  • Perform A Reset On The Motor Of The Fan

Due to the overload, the motor’s settings may need to reset. Find the reset button and press it. If this doesn’t work, wait approximately 30 minutes for the motor to cool, and press it again.

Verify that the furnace’s power switch is on. Look for the switch next to or within the furnace’s cabinet. If it is not already on, you should flip the switch and wait for the furnace to begin operating.

  • Check Pilot Flame And Gas Control

If you check the furnace flame and discover it has gone out, you must reignite it. You can manually relight the pilot, but you should use extreme caution and consult the owner’s manual for the proper procedure.

Ensure that the gas has been shut off for ten to fifteen minutes before attempting to reignite the pilot. Do not continue if there is a gassy smell. If you suspect a gas leak in your house, you should immediately evacuate the premises and contact an expert in furnace replacement and furnace installation in Lancaster.

  • Inspect The Furnace’s Ignition Switch

The next step is to inspect the ignitor. Proceed only if you have experience with home repair tasks and a firm grasp of electrical. You should call a local furnace installation in Lancaster professional for assistance with this step.

Find the flame sensor for your furnace in the operating handbook. If the ignitor sensor becomes dirty, the component will cease to function properly, and it will be necessary to clean it.

  • Ensure That All Vents And Registers Are Clear.

Conduct an inspection of the home to discover all supply and return grilles. They should all be fully accessible without any obstacles.

Verify that no rugs, furniture, or other objects that could potentially restrict airflow are present. Blocked vents and registers can compromise your comfort and cause duct leaks due to increased air pressure and premature HVAC system repairs and failures.


Minor problems with the furnace can be checked and fixed with simple steps. If professional assistance is required, contact the experts at Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing. We would be happy to help you with all your heating needs, including furnace installation and furnace replacement in Lancaster.

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