How Can You Protect Your Outside AC Unit From Rain?

How Can You Protect Your Outside AC Unit From Rain?

No matter how harsh the weather is, Econo West Heating Air and Plumbing services are here to help you with their AC protection solutions and air conditioning service in Antelope Valley. Just remember below given simple steps to protect your outside AC unit from rain.

Protection From The Risk of Flood

Install the outside unit of AC at a height where there is no risk of flood. To get more clarity on this, talk with the HVAC expert. Also, the area near the outside unit should be free from branches, leaves, vines, etc. Keep trees trimmed as the broken particles can enter the air conditioning’s outdoor unit with the storm. There is also a facility of the floodwall that you can install around the ac outside unit.

Cover the outside AC unit

Although the outside AC unit’s material is a strong metal, continuous storms, rainfall, and hailstorms can still damage it. Use an AC Canvas cover to protect it from such unfavorable weather conditions. Remember to buy a Canvas cover when you install an AC unit at your home or get one before the arrival of rainy days if you don’t want damages for your AC outside unit.

Don’t use AC with the covered outside unit

To keep in mind, never use AC when the outside unit is covered. Keep it off until the weather gets better. The cover will not allow the exit of warm air and can also lead to mold build-up. Remove the cover soon the storm has passed to avoid excess moisture as excessive moisture is the base for corrosion.

Check the whole outside unit

Don’t turn your AC on soon after the weather gets clear. Check the whole AC unit minutely to see if there is any damage. If you find everything correct, then you can start using your AC. Even while using it, inspect the leakage issue.

Mandatory Servicing of the AC

Timely servicing is one solution for many HVAC system problems. Servicing enhances the quality of your AC, making it ready for every situation.

You can use your AC while it is raining outside until rainfall does not take the form of a heavy rainstorm. Being attentive and a few preparations can protect your AC from heavy rain.

Even if your AC outside unit got damaged due to rain, leave your worry on us. At Econo West Heating Air and Plumbing, we provide number one AC maintenance and AC repair in Antelope Valley. Our over 30 years of experience will give you a hassle-free service at reasonable charges. Our services cover every HVAC need. Schedule a service now to get the finest HVAC solutions.

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