Heater Malfunctioning Reasons

Heater Malfunctioning Reasons

The irritation homeowners feel when their heater suddenly stops working during winter is unimaginable. The first step that heater owners can follow when their heaters stop working is to check their thermostats and settings. The second step is contacting professional technicians for heater repair in Lancaster.

Keep in mind that before homeowners contact technicians for help, there are several other troubleshooting methods that they can try to fix their malfunctioning heaters.

Tips That Heater Owners Can Try Before Contacting a Technician

  1. Check the intake of your heaters after checking the thermostat. If the heater intakes are dirty, the airflow will not be smooth, and the heater will have to work harder to heat your home. If the heater intakes remain dirty for too long, the heater will not be able to function efficiently.

  2. You can check your thermostat once again by restarting it. Switch to the cooling mode from the heat mode, and switch back to the heat mode. This restarting may fix the malfunctioning issue of your heater, and it may start working.

  3. If your heater is not working, check the outside unit. It may happen that the fan of the outside unit is not working, due to which your heater will not work. Check the condition of the outside fan for damage signs that may stop it from working.

  4. There may be some external blockage for the airflow in the heater. This external blockage may be due to some furniture dust or insects inside the heater. Clean your heater extensively to remove such blockages and ensure there is enough vacant space around the heater for proper airflow.

  5. Check that your thermostat is at the right temperature. You may miss this small detail, which may be why your heater is not working. Someone may have accidentally switched the heat mode to cooling mode, and your heater will have no option but to stop working.

  6. A heater is an HVAC appliance with hundreds of wires, and each wire plays a unique role in its function. If any wire faces internal or external damage, the heater will suffer.

  7. Wiring issues are serious problems, and you should not handle them yourself. Instead, you should contact a professional technician to inspect the wiring network of your heater.

  8. The circuit breaker of your heater is the switch that supplies the electricity. Without electricity, your heater cannot function, no matter how efficiently. Due to voltage differences, the circuit breaker connected to the heater may trip, leading to no electricity, which will not work.

  9. If your newly-bought heater is troubling you, the reason may be installation faults or the wrong size. A new heater is an efficient HVAC appliance, but if it does not work as it should, it means there is some fault with the installation or the size of the heater is not as per your home’s requirements.

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