Get the Answers You Need to Questions About Toilet Repair and Installation

Get the Answers You Need to Questions About Toilet Repair and Installation

Get the Answers You Need to Questions About Toilet Repair and InstallationEveryone has a toilet yet many people do not know the first thing about toilet repair and installation. In truth, this is fine because any serious issue with a toilet likely warrants the help of a local plumber. However, if you want to know the basics, and get answers to some of your most common questions about toilets, keep reading for the facts.

Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When I Flush It?

If your toilet gurgles then it means that there is air coming back up through the toilet. Generally speaking, this is due to a blockage in your sewer line, vent stack where the sewer gases are allowed to escape, or a toilet trap. Regardless of the issue, if you consistently hear gurgling then it is time to contact the professionals for a look at what is going on.

Why Doesn’t My Toilet Flush Completely?

It is likely that there is something within the tank that is not working correctly. It could be due to your tank lever’s toilet chains that have gotten stuck around parts that prevent the flapper from going all the way down. It could be that the chain is too tight or too loose. Ideally, the flapper in your toilet should go up and then slowly lower back down. If it is not aligned correctly, then the water will not fill back up the way that it should.

Why Does My Toilet Make a Hissing, Rumbling, or Thumping When I Flush It?

As you might have noticed by now, many issues with toilets come down to faulty flappers, and hissing, rumbling, or thumbing is yet another example. However, if you leave it undiagnosed for too long, the problem could get much worse.

What is the Bubbling in My Toilet When I’m Not Using It?

That sound is likely caused by one of two things. It is either a clogged sewer drain line or a blocked vent stack. There are many reasons this could happen, including tree roots or debris clogging up the line, or damage to the line. Most of the issues are fairly simple to handle – just make sure you call us before the issue gets worse.

Why is There Water Around the Base of My Toilet?

If you have water pooling around the base of your toilet, then this is a plumbing emergency. This leak generally occurs because of a faulty setting seal or gasket, but if it is left unrepaired, it can easily cause damage to your home.

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