Do You Want to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs? It Might Be as Simple as Having a Programmable Thermostat Installed

Do You Want to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs? It Might Be as Simple as Having a Programmable Thermostat InstalledDo you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs? Who doesn’t? Though there are steps you can take to make your home better insulated, one of the easiest ways to reduce your costs is to have a programmable thermostat installed. Keep reading to get the facts and then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 with any questions.

The Main Benefit of Installing a Programmable Thermostat

When you have your local HVAC professional install a programmable thermostat, you have total control over energy consumption. You can do away with energy waste by installing and using your system to automatically turn on and turn off at times that work with your home’s schedule.

For example, you don’t want your AC blowing all day while no one is home, but you also don’t want to get home at 6 PM and have to wait an hour for it to cool down in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to shut the AC off when you leave and have it kick back on an hour before you come home.

We Recommend American Standard Programmable Thermostats

There are many brands on the market but we are a preferred dealer for American Standard – and for good reason. We believe in their products. They are of high quality, affordable, and have all the features most homeowners need. For example, they can:

  • Handle up to seven daily heating and cooling schedules
  • Provide an easy-to-use color touchscreen
  • Provide digital temperatures screens
  • Display the humidity in your home
  • Provide a five-day weather forecast via radar
  • Be accessed from your computer or smartphone
  • Remind you when maintenance is needed
  • Offer information on how to contact your dealer
  • Communicate with the AccuLink System from American Standard

There are even optional frame designs that can match your décor.

Other Companies Can Help but Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing is the Right Company to Choose

While a programmable thermostat can have a huge impact on how much energy your home wastes, it is only as good as its installation is. When you work with Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing you can count on our experienced staff to not only install it correctly but to configure it for your own needs. Our technicians can answer any questions you have and walk you through the process of changing the settings as needed. We will also make sure that sensors are installed in optimal positions.

Of course, all work we do is backed up by our satisfaction guarantee. Much of our business comes from word of mouth and we do not take that for granted. No job is too big or too small, and every client is treated with respect. Call us now at (661) 947-2653 if you have questions.

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