Do You Want to Breathe Easier in Your Home? Consider Your Air Quality

Do You Want to Breathe Easier in Your Home? Consider Your Air Quality

Do You Want to Breathe Easier in Your Home? Consider Your Air QualityOn average, an American spends about 90% of their time inside. Pollutants in any given building can include dust, pollen, and VOCs. In fact, they can be as much as five times higher indoors than they are outdoors. If you’re tired of breathing dirty air and want to learn about the latest options to improve your home’s air quality, then reach out to Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing.

Ask us about filtration innovations that can cut as much as 99% of the allergens from your home.

Air purifiers and filters can make a big difference

Most buildings constructed in recent years have building envelopes that have been tightly sealed. This is great when you want to boost energy efficiency, but it’s not good for your indoor air quality. When a building envelope doesn’t allow a structure to breathe, allergens, odors, and other indoor air pollutants can accumulate. The good news is that at Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing, we offer innovative filters for your air conditioning and heating systems, and we also offer dedicated units to purify your air.

Do you know what’s in your air?

Many families have no idea what’s in their air. They may have allergic reactions such as coughing and sneezing but have no idea that it’s the result of contaminants in their air. They can be especially aggravating for those who have suppressed immune systems, the elderly, and young children.

Some of the indoor air contaminants that are more common include:
The most common indoor air contaminants include:

  • Dust
  • Viruses
  • Smoke
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Skin flakes
  • Pet dander
  • VOCs (this refers to gases that come off of adhesives, plywood, etc.)

It’s true that these indoor air contaminants can make the air in your home hard to breathe and unhealthy, but that’s not the only damage. They can also affect how well your HVAC system is able to perform. If its filters get clogged up with debris, dust, and other contaminants, then they won’t be able to move air around as evenly. The result will be heated or cooled air that’s not as hot or as cold as you’d like, that doesn’t flow reliably, and that costs much more to heat and cool.

You do have options

If you’re ready to do something about the air quality in your home, then we’re ready to help. We offer American Standard equipment that’s built in the U.S. and offers exceptional performance. The right option for your home will vary based on your needs but one of the most popular options is the Perfect Fit Air Cleaner. It can get rid of as much as 15x what a one inch HVAC filter can get rid of and it uses the same amount of energy as a simple 40-watt light bulb.

When you reach out to Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653, we can go over your options and your needs to provide you with our best advice. Contact us today to get on the road toward better indoor air quality.

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