Check Out These Three Huge Benefits of Sealing Your Ducts

Check Out These Three Huge Benefits of Sealing Your Ducts

Check Out These Three Huge Benefits of Sealing Your DuctsAre your ducts sealed? Do you know why you should consider doing so? According to Energy Star, the average home loses between 20 and 30% of the air that moves through the ducts within the air conditioning and heating system. This can lead to higher utility bills and a more uncomfortable home. Keep reading to check out some of the benefits of sealing your ducts, and then contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 for help.

Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

When you are running your AC or heating system, do you have some rooms that are hotter and cooler than others? This can be due to leaking with the ducts. If they are sealed, then the cooled or warmed air that goes through the ducts will circulate throughout the home correctly.

Not only will your home be more comfortable from a temperature point of view, but sealed ducts prevent chemicals from the garden, dust, fumes, and other allergens from circulating easily through the air. Without these pollutants in the duct system, you could notice a difference in the quality of the air.

Your Home Will Be Safer

Your clothes dryer, gas-powered appliances, and water heater all release combo gases through your ventilation system. These are safe if they exit the home as they are supposed to. However, if you have leaking ducts then you can have what is known as back drafting, which involves the gases moving back into your home instead of moving outdoors. Sealing your ducts can prevent this issue.

You Could Pay Less for Your Monthly Utility Bills

According to Energy Star, leaking ducts can increase your heating and cooling bills by as much as 20%. If you seal and insulate your ducts, you could notice a reduction in energy used right away. In fact, this could pay for the cost of the duct sealing much faster than you imagine.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home Comfortable and Safe

There are many ways that Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing can help keep you comfortable in your home while also keeping you safe. For example, do you need HVAC service? Do you need plumbing services? We aim to be the company you can call for a wide range of home needs. Call us today at (661) 947-2653 to learn more about how we can help you appreciate and enjoy your home more.

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