As Coronavirus Concerns Continue It is a Good Time to Discuss Air Filtration Systems

As Coronavirus Concerns Continue It is a Good Time to Discuss Air Filtration Systems

As Coronavirus Concerns Continue It is a Good Time to Discuss Air Filtration SystemsAs countries around the world respond to the Coronavirus, it is a good time to discuss ways our clients can improve the air quality in their own homes. It is important to note that a home air purifier or air filter is not the answer to this pandemic. It is our hope that everyone will follow guidelines and recommendations as set out by the World Health Organization.

How Much Time Do You Spend Indoors?

Most people spend about 90% of their day indoors. This may include work, home, and other indoor areas, but as the coronavirus continues to spread, we are seeing more and more companies asking their employees to work from home. The WHO is requesting that people avoid public places as much as possible. This leaves everyone spending more time in their own homes.

The unfortunate fact is that air pollutants are often higher indoors than outdoors. In fact, some studies show that air pollutants such as pollen, dust, and VOCs are as much as five times higher indoors than outdoors. This is dirty air that can be cleaned with the help of air purifiers and/or filters. At Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing we use technology that can get rid of 99% of allergens in your home.

As Energy Efficiency Goes Up Air Quality Can Go Down

Newer homes and buildings are generally built to be as energy-efficient as possible. Part of this process is ensuring a tightly sealed building envelope. While this is great for energy use, it can affect air quality in a negative way. Why? Because if the building envelope does not have enough room for the building to “breathe,” allergens, odors, and other types of pollutants can accumulate.

Examples of Common Indoor Air Contaminants

Every property is different but some of the most common indoor air contaminants are dust, skin flakes, smoke, pet dander, pollen, mold, viruses, and VOCs. These can not only make it so that your air is dirty and unhealthy, but they can negatively impact the performance of your entire HVAC system. As your HVAC filters become clogged with dust and debris, airflow is negatively impacted and your home may end up hotter or cooler than you would like it.

Call Today to Find Out How We Can Help

We cannot make your home free from the risk of the COVID-19. We can help to generally improve the air quality in your home to make it smell better and feel better. If you need help the air quality in your home, we encourage you to contact Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing at (661) 947-2653 for help.

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