8 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Blowing Cold Air And How To Fix It

8 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Blowing Cold Air And How To Fix It

A broken air conditioner is a serious problem in the summer heat. Routine AC maintenance is essential to ensuring that the unit is always clean and operating at peak performance.

If your air conditioner isn’t producing chilly air, several factors could be at play. When you notice problems, it’s time to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner. 

8 Top Reasons Your AC Isn't Blowing Cool Air.

Clogged Filters

It is a common cause of insufficient cooling from an air conditioner, even if the settings seem appropriate. When your building’s air conditioning air filters become dirty or clogged, it can cause some issues. You may find that your air conditioner cannot keep your home’s air at a comfortable temperature.

Leaking Coolant

Your air conditioner is not to blame for the lack of refrigerant. The most likely cause of this problem is leakage. Once a leak springs, the refrigerant levels plummet, and your room’s temperature quickly rises. Leaks can be immediately detected by listening to hissing noises from the unit.

Unclean Coil

Air conditioning units can become inefficient if dirty condenser coils prevent cool air from circulating. Your air conditioner must work harder to push out cool air when these coils get dirty. AC repair in Lancaster will remove dust and grime from the device’s coils and other unclean areas.

Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, it can cause issues with your air conditioner. Making sure there is electricity to the AC unit is the first step if your thermostat is on but not talking with the system. The thermostat’s batteries may need to be changed if the screen remains dark.

Air Duct Issues

Air ducts can develop leaks because of deteriorating sealing or insulation over time. It results in a loss of conditioned air and makes it harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. Your local HVAC specialist should be called in for an inspection if your home’s air ducts are on the older side.

Frozen Unit

Your air conditioner may produce chilly air, but it may also freeze. If the condenser’s coils become obstructed, the unit will not be able to function. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner is required even when it is not used. 

Compressor Problems

The most usually overlooked problem with an AC system is a malfunctioning compressor. Compressor failure can be because of many reasons. The signs of many other air conditioning problems can be similar to those of compressor failure. Consult with an expert of AC repair in Lancaster if you encounter any issues.

Circuit breaker

Check the circuit breakers for both the inside and outside units. An excessive surge may cause the circuit breakers to trip even if the power is only partially gone. You should contact a qualified electrician first if electrical issues are suspected.


The experts at Econo West can assist you in figuring out why your air conditioner isn’t working. All year long, your house will be comfortably cool with the help of our trained HVAC specialists. Get in touch with us at (661) 947-2653 for air conditioning repair in Lancaster.

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