5 Essential Tasks to Prepare Your Home for AC Season

5 Essential Tasks to Prepare Your Home for AC Season

Start planning for warm spring and summer days now with air conditioner maintenance and other tasks.

5 Essential Tasks to Prepare Your Home for AC SeasonGiven the wild temperatures swings we’ve been subject to this year, it’s more than likely that hot spring temperatures are going to take us by surprise soon. Make sure you’re ready to switch on that AC and enjoy reliable and efficient cooling with these 5 must-do tasks.

Clean Air Filters

Hopefully you already cleaned or replaced your HVAC filters once this year, when you switched on your furnace for the first time. It’s important to also check and clean or replace your filters before cooling season begins. Otherwise, dirty filters will make your air conditioned air smell funky. Worse still, a dirty filter can increase the wear and tear on your system by making it more difficult for air to pass through the system, potentially leading to a failure of your fan or blower motor.

Clean AC Coils

Clean air conditioner coils are essential for the efficient operation of your air conditioner. You need to be especially careful to clean the outdoor coils, as dirt, dead leaves, and other debris could easily have gotten into the unit over the winter. You’ll have to remove the cover on the unit to do this.

Check Coolant Levels

While you should not be expecting to need to replace any coolant in your air conditioner, it is always a good idea to check. In fact, this is actually essential for maintaining good energy efficiency and keeping your cooling bills under control. By the time your air conditioner gets 10 percent low on coolant, you will be spending 20 percent more on your energy bills.

***Please Note: You can get expert help with these first 3 essential summer prep tasks by scheduling an air conditioner maintenance visit from Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing.

Clean Fireplace

The scent of a fire feels very cozy in the winter, but come summer any lingering smoke odors will just make your home feel dirty. Before you switch on your air conditioner for the first time, be sure you have thoroughly cleaned your fire place and closed the flue to prevent air leakage.

Change Ceiling Fan Direction

One final must-do task for getting ready for cooling season is to make sure your ceiling fans are spinning the right way. During winter, you should have had your fans turning clockwise to pull heated air up and force it back down around the sides of the room. In summer, you will want to reverse this so that the fan turns counterclockwise and forces cooled air down on you in a pleasant breeze.

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