4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling and How To Fix It

4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling and How To Fix It

When your air conditioning system fails to cool your home, it can be a significant problem when you reside in a warm area. Air conditioners are complex systems that require a precise balance of temperature, the flow of air, and pressure to function appropriately. 

Since air conditioning systems are complicated, there are numerous places where your AC can fail, demanding costly AC repair Lancaster!

Continue reading to learn more about a few do-it-yourself methods for resolving this issue for when your AC is not cooling, and when professional assistance is required.

Reasons Your AC is Not Cooling Efficiently.

Here are some reasons your air conditioning device is not cooling efficiently:

Poorly Maintained Condenser Unit.

Taking care of the outside condenser is one of the most neglected facets of AC maintenance. Your condenser requires constant airflow, but it’s outside. It means that plants and grass are constantly growing around it.

To solve this problem, keep the place around your condenser clean regularly. You can use a weed wacker to keep growth away from the device to help it function accurately. Even if there is no grass or dirt around the compressor, remember that this equipment remains outside all day and gets dirty. If trees are near your condenser, debris from above may fall into the chassis. 

So if you haven’t cleaned your condenser in more than a year, this could be the primary cause of your air conditioner not cooling.

Inadequate Airflow

It doesn’t make a difference how cold your AC makes the air if there’s not enough air coming through your ventilation system — you’ll never feel cooler!

To fix this issue, direct the air circulation from the vent with a lighter. Also, do this throughout your home, ensuring that the vents farthest from the HVAC unit still have adequate airflow.

Begin with the flame near the vent and gradually move farther away until the condenser flame no longer wavers. You might likely access the end of the room from the vent and still affect the device, especially in rooms near the HVAC unit. 

Problems With The Thermostat

A temperature controller problem is another prevalent but challenging to detect issue. Is the display on your thermostat empty? That is one clear indication that something has gone wrong inside.

The batteries may fail, the internal circuitry may malfunction, and various other breakdowns in a thermostat without drawing much attention.

Frozen Air Conditioner

While it might sound strange, the air will be too hot if your air conditioner remains frozen. The accumulated ice will inhibit the air within your home from contacting the coolant in the cooling coil, preventing the air from cooling and your AC from dehumidifying the air.

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