4 Heating Repair Service Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter

4 Heating Repair Service Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter

If you perform routine maintenance on your heating system, you may be able to prevent damage to your furnace and heating system. It is important not to skip routine maintenance, as doing so could substantially increase the cost of heater repair in Lancaster. You can inspect the operation of your heating system and keep it in good condition with a little attention, knowledge, and care.

Four Heater Repair Tips To Help You This Winter Season

1. Calibrate The Thermostat Well

When dirt is on the thermostat, its calibration and its operation are interrupted. Occasionally, switches on the base and cables that become loose and rusted over time are discovered to be additional sources of trouble. An expert will analyze the settings to ensure that heat is dispersed evenly throughout the house.

In the case of an empty home, it is extremely important to calibrate the thermostat properly. A programmable thermostat can reduce your monthly heating costs by at least 10%. 

2. Replace Filters

Ensure that you check your filters frequently. It is an easy and efficient approach to heating system maintenance. Once every month, you should inspect the air filters’ condition. Every three months, replace it to prevent issues requiring heater repair in Lancaster.

If you have an oil-fired heating system, you should replace the oil filter annually. Regularly replacing your home’s filters will improve indoor air quality. Additionally, it enhances the efficiency of your heating system. Maintaining a clean air filter has a high likelihood of aiding in the prevention of other, more severe issues with your heating system.

3. Examine The On And Off Switch

Whether in a utility closet or an attic, the power switch for your furnace should resemble a wall-mounted light switch. Your heating system will not operate if the switch is off. Simply placing the switch in the on position will resolve this issue.

Similarly, if you have a heat pump in your home, you’ll find an on or off switch on any outside wall. It must be near the heat pump’s external unit. Check that the light is turned on. You will likely be required to raise a small metal flap to access a switch placed in a box that helps protect it from the elements.

4. Check The Pilot Light

There might be a possibility that the circuit breaker has been shut off. If your heater is not producing heat, you should verify that the device is receiving power. However, you must inspect the pilot light on gas furnaces. Whether it is turned on and the gas valve is open as it should be, it is time to contact a local HVAC expert to determine if there are additional problems.

When heaters reach their maximum capacity, it is sometimes essential to reset the engine for them to continue operating. Alternatively, it may be necessary to replace more components.


Contact the experienced HVAC service technicians from Econo West Heating Air & Plumbing for all your heating repair needs in Lancaster. We will be able to detect potential issues at an earlier stage. A full examination of your system’s operation will be conducted and expert care will be taken to ensure your heating system is operating at full efficiency.

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